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Process Matrix the future of workflow design


You use the drop-down above this text to switch language of the Ocean Flow. The application texts (incl. texts on buttons) will follow this selection. If the workflow solution that you run has labels in the selected language, you will get those, otherwise you get the solution labels in the language that it has as its default.


The Process Matrix is the future of workflow design, because it makes it possible to create even large solutions with many activities, forms, fields, and business logic without coding. Straight from the workshops with the business process people it is possible to generate most of the solution from the Process Matrix, which is a specification format that is suited for workshops.

All demos on this site are generated from a Process Matrix in MS Excel comprising one single sheet, with NO coding.

However it is made for close integration with coding, if you need functionality that cannot be auto generated from the Process Matrix. The product will both auto generate C# scripts, and they are made in such a way that it is easy to modify and extend them, and through the close integration between the product and Visual Studio, the developer will find huge time saving and quality enhancement in the development approach of a Process Matrix combined with Visual Studio C# code.


If you are not yet logged in, you log in as the user "test", password "test", or create your own account by clicking on the top right login button.

Then to the left you have a menu where
  • - Create new report: You can create a new workflow (called Report here) from a list of demos made available
  • - Reports: You can resume any of the workflows (Reports) that you have previously started - they will resume in the state where you (or if there are other users attached, the users) have left it
  • - [Name Of Recent Workflow]: If you have run a workflow previously, you can go straight to the last workflow, whose name will be a separate point on the menu
  • - (Invitation is not yet implemented; it will list your outstanding invitation (by others) to be part of a workflow initiated by others)